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Management Consulting

Here we present a selection of topics of our work, which however is neither exclusive nor conclusive. In each of these topics, you can expect deep knowledge, experienced methodological competence and effective trainers/consultants – and always a dialog-based approach that focuses on the participant as an actor. The consultant or trainer sees himself as a “learning facilitator”. These are also topics in which we are happy to analyze and develop for you on a sound basis –

  • Creative personnel development
  • Organizational Development
  • Market & Sales Development
  • Project Development & Technology Partnering
  • Strategy Implementation and Enterprise System Development

Have you ever had the impression in your company that some decisions – unnecessarily – take as long as if marmots had to finish their hibernation first?
It’s a truism that ‘good things take time’, and yet practice teaches us that ‘good’ decisions are usually pleasingly needs-based when experienced, prepared, competent decision-makers are on hand. The main obstacle of time-adequate and resilient decisions are uncertainties, mostly multiplying uncertainties in the factual area and in the area of feared loss of face.

This is where we come in, by inviting managers “to an island”, where we train a methodology to provide exactly the framework for complex decisions, which puts the irreplaceable factor “gut” into a secure, supporting framework. “Strong” decisions are well prepared in order to be able to react quickly and unerringly to changes in the context. Developing the methodology takes the proverbial amount of time – in order to then generate a high level of competence for fast, good decisions in the participant.

The Decision Making Training Game

Let’s make it simple and straightforward: You have a team whose potential you are convinced of – but the actual performance is not up to your expectations?

Teamwork seems to be best known as a form of organization, you have been doing it for decades, you have everything under control. Nevertheless, it is often inconspicuous factors that slow down efficiency. And in our experience, the most efficient way to find a solution is to re-orient the team towards its strengths, its possibilities and to prove that motivating goals are achievable. This is exactly where EvoFusion comes in with a game and, with the appropriate pre-analysis and an adequate starting position, takes only one day!


Team Repair: only 1 day for growing team performance

You can negotiate … It is a core competence of every company, since we are all in competition – all the time. It’s competition in the global marketplace as much as competition “in house” for resources, but ultimately competition for strategic decisions at the board level. We are convinced that negotiation itself is one of the key resources of management, and one that requires systematic, progressively improving management!
Here we have created a practice-oriented concept that addresses specific negotiation situations based on the corresponding target group and works in depth on those situations in which we see cardinal importance for management:

Project and Program Manager
Result responsible person in the sales/distribution of services or products in need of explanation
C-Level executives or managers immediately before moving to C-Level

Virtuoso negotiation technique – the training game

Management Gaming opens up a new dimension to achieve the full development of the behavioral competence of managers – no matter which behavioral discipline, from leadership and conflict management to strategy changes or the development of specific role models for managers. A game is designed specifically for this purpose, which appears to be completely different from the daily work reality, but nevertheless depicts it in a sharply tailored way. The managers act in it in the fight for victory, or for the best implementation of the game goals. They are accompanied by experienced, trained observers, who communicate constantly with a team of game designers, who further develop the game as the participants develop the skills they are looking for – always in line with the recognizable potential of the participants.


A much higher proportion of the participants’ actual personal resources are activated and the managers experience this activation in an implementation-real perspective. The urge to apply the perceived and documented competencies in the – actually not so different – everyday work environment is much stronger and more enduring than in any other form of Management Development Center or instrument.
For the sake of concrete allocation, we will show you a special variant of Management Gaming that focuses on the form of “IntraPreneurship”. We create this in close cooperation with our partner SZENARIS.

Management Gaming can be used effectively in M&A integrations, in culture changes caused by generational changes, in strategy changes and in performance strategies that are persistently not implemented but recognized as feasible, as well as for many other purposes.


Develop change competence analogous to the practical challenge from the game

Corporate “culture” is what everyone thinks they know. It is particularly interesting that several respondents usually describe ‘several’, apparently divergent corporate cultures – in the same company!
Nearly all of the managers interviewed, but also the vast majority of specialists, were interviewed in the
together that corporate culture is a specific determinant of leadership, work climate and corporate success.

But which one applies?

If you take a closer look at the company and examine best-cases as well as bad-cases, potentials as well as obstacles to development, it becomes clear that there is a “dynamic, critical intersection” in the company’s own understanding of culture. And this constitutes, in fact, the constitution of a state – what is possible, what is ultimately implemented and to what extent the management achieves its goals.

This powerful aspect, which seems to be so diffuse and difficult to grasp, becomes the management control parameter and the active asset of the company in our longstanding approach.


„Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter F. Drucker 

Training. An indispensable tool in HR, for management and communication – and yet it is universally acknowledged that the ultimate effect, is not satisfactory, especially in terms of its sustainability. As thoroughly enthusiastic trainers with broad experience and a wide range of methods, it was for us, it is all the more frustrating not to be able to reach the last 20% efficiency and to have to listen again and again: “Yes, well in the long run … has not brought so much…”.

We are convinced that you can increase and stabilize the effectiveness of training – with Trainalytixx.

Our system provides both the participants and the accompanying HR professionals, as we call it, with ” anchor points” from the training, where the participant has strongly linked his own evaluation to the training goals. These can be linked by the system with different transfer strategies for the time after the training and thus give the once achieved effort a much higher sustainability.


Effect-sustainability for YOUR trainings

We combine our creativity know-how with psychologically based game elements and contemporary analytical methods. Since the end of 2016, this synergy has resulted in our own new human resources development products and expansion elements for conventional services.
The “magic” is created by the tangible personal development and the exhaustion of job-related possibilities and potentials, which the participant experiences during the complete immersion in the contexts of our scenarios.

Through the playful inclusion of the participants’ emotions, cognition and behavior, the final transfer into the real environment becomes not only more sustainable but also more tangible. Evaluative monitoring of the competence development additionally enables long-term success effects of what has been learned and experienced with regard to the company’s objectives.


These experiences are guaranteed by a methodically guided context transfer. This enables the user to leave familiar, work-related thought patterns for a while. In this way, we generate diverse new perspectives on challenges in our own working world. Processes, problems and projects are placed in a systemic framework and systematically examined by means of reflective analysis methods with regard to exploitation potential and creative solution approaches.


Through the playful inclusion of the participants’ emotions, cognition and behavior, the final transfer into the real environment becomes not only more sustainable but also more tangible. Evaluative monitoring of the competence development additionally enables long-term success effects of what has been learned and experienced with regard to the company’s objectives.

AA Competence Model of Leadership


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