TEAM – Intro text, photos and short profiles

Based on two decades in management, business development and the pursuit of increasing efficiency in communication and didactics, networks of a very special quality have been spun:: „Nets“, that actually „work“ – decision makers, developers and designers.

They are freelancers or permanent employees working for us or our close partners in the fields of consulting, training and science. But these are also entrepreneurial partners who deliver top performances in their fields of expertise and who have a tradition of connecting with us. In the same way as for each and every task only the appropriate method is the „right“ one, its execution can only be done by the „right“ team.

Here, we present our core team which develops impactful concepts for your specific purpose and ‚composes‘ the appropriate methods and executors. This team is authoritatively involved in every project.

Our core team was brougt together mainly by two factors: Complementarity and the passion to achieve something that has never been achieved before. Combining the emphases of experience and competence provides synergy and inspiration resulting from diversity.

Marcus Antonius Lube

Maître Marcus Antonius Lube, MBL-HSG, Management Consultant, Alumni PIL – Harvard Law School, PMP (PMI), Maître en Histoire, UBO Brest

Born in 1962, M. Lube grew up surrounded by his father’s civil & structuring engineering business. He studied Law and Economics in Germany, France and Switzerland as well as Economic History in Germany and France and earned several Master‘s Degrees. After completing his studies, he founded a training and consulting company focusing on behavioral management consulting. His operational area ranges from communication training on all levels of staff to leadership- and organizational consulting and also to executive coaching on board level. After numerous industrial projects, some of them with European partner companies in the fields of automotive industry, telecommunications, IT, construction, tourism-, banking- and chemical industry, he expanded the company by establishing branch offices in France, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates as well as Algeria and, with the support of an affiliated company, another one in Italy. A postgraduate MBA in International Economic Law led M. Lube to the Harvard Law School as well as to the University of St.Gallen. He successfully completed his certificate of Operational Education Advisor according to AZAV and also aquired the PMP certificate according to the international PMI standard. At Harvard Business School he complemented his repertoire with the „Negotiation Mastery“ certificate.

Project experiences in France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria, North- & West Africa as well as in Near and Middle East in addition to the main focus on the German market led to mostly long-standing, well-established collaborations with renowned industrial companies such as Mannesmann Tubes & Pipes, Mannesmann Anlagenbau, Volkswagen Group, Renault, FAURECIA, AREVA Nucléaire (new name: „ORANO“), Grünenthal Pharma, Algérie Télécom, Robert-Bosch GmbH, UBS Union des Banques Suisses, 3-COM/US ROBOTICS, HAPAG LLOYD Business Travel, RIU Hotels Group, TUI Group, ADP Aéroports de Paris, KLM Airlines, FRANCE TELECOM, JORDAN Telecom, NBAD National Bank of Abu Dhabi and numerous medium-sized companies as well as government agencies and trade associations- nationally and internationally.

M. Lube is an alumnus of the private University of St.Gallen (Switzerland), Ancien Elève Grande Ecole of ENA, Paris and alumnus of the PIL program of Instruction of Lawyers of HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, Cambridge, MA, USA. M. Lube is business fluent in English and French and speaks fluent Spanish and Italian.

Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Udo Fricke - Small

Dipl.Ing. Dirk Udo Fricke, Engineer & Corporate Executive, Systemic Coach

Born in 1956, D. U. Fricke completed a vocational training as management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade in the steel industry and subsequently studied general process engineering. He began his industrial career with Salzgitter Stahl, one of the largest German steel producers, followed by Salzgitter Industrietechnik GmbH with a 3-year stay in Iraq. He then moved further from mercantile project handling of major projects in Iraq to sales and distribution of industrial services in international plant construction.
After the fall of the Berlin wall he established the sales network of IAB, an international engineering company in the field of large-scale plant construction (formerly known as „Chemieanlagenkombinat Leipzig Grimma“ CLG) in the Near and Middle East and administered business contacts with the CIS.
Afterwards D. U. Fricke worked for renowned companies such as Krupp-Buckau, Mannesmann Anlagenbau, in the fields of plant design as well as project development and accompanied major industrial projects until completion, even in crisis areas and throughout times of crisis.

Following this, there was a multi-annual stint at DEBIS Systems corporation in the IT industry where D. U. Fricke assumed management responsibilities in key accounting, outsourcing strategies and organizational sales development. After working for MAN-Ferrostaal where he was responsible for more than 50 employees, his last step on the career ladder took him to Rheinmetall International Engineering, where he operated as Executive with power of attorney and Senior Vice President in the field of international distribution of complete plant construction projects specializing in international technological partnering and board communications. Additionally, he was significantly involved in the implementation of an effective compliance system.
At MAN Ferrostaal D. U. Fricke completed the in-house training program „MAN Corporate General Management Program – Empowering Leaders“ of OXFORD SAID Business School in cooperation with the WHU Otto-Beisheim School of Management and at the end of 2016 decided to make the move into self-employment when he was offered the supervision of plant construction projects, which at the time lay outside the regular company portfolio. At Mannesmann, Debis, MAN Ferrostaal and Rheinmetall D.U. Fricke participated in numerous leadership workshops on nearly all management-, organization- and strategy topics and as such came into immediate contact with on-hand HR-jobs as an implementation agent of the company’s business development. D. U. Fricke is a certified systemic coach currently working as an executive coach.
The collaboration with AA_PROCON Management Group as a symbiosis of technological management, a decade-long and cross-sector as well as cross-continental sales experience on the one hand and the optimization of project strategies with HR management and leadership excellence on the other hand has been a rewarding opportunity to bring his service portfolio to perfection. D. U. Fricke is business fluent in English as well as Russian and has basic knowledge of the Arabic language.

Olga Skrebec, MA, Wirtschaftspsychologin

Olga Skrebec, M.Sc., Business Psychologist

Born in 1993, O. Skrebec holds a Master’s Degree in Business Psychology from RUB Ruhr-University Bochum where she was trained by leading management- and aptitude diagnosticians such as Prof.Dr.Dr. H. Wottawa and Prof.Dr. Rüdiger Hossiep.

During her studies  O. Skrebec already worked for several consulting companies in the practical application of competences in business psychology as well as for university-based public-private joint ventures with industrial companies for research purposes in the management sector. In this way, she has been able to gradually develop her expertise in the fields of competence observation, inspirational forms of learning and psychometric analytics of personality potentials, and to contribute to the method-innovation by bringing in her expertise in connection with her plentiful advisory experiences of the PMG team.

O. Skrebec is significantly involved in the implementation of innovative strategies and the creation of competence development tools that can be applied in management practice. She leads the interconnectedness of science and on-hand advise to a continuously self-improving Management-Development-Architecture in service of customer challenge. O. Skrebec speaks fluent English and French as well as Russian as a native language.

TEAM = Talent x Energy x Ambition for Management Excellence.