DUF Technology & Finance – Experiences & Benefits

DUF Technology & Finance – Experiences & Benefits

Our experiences:

  • Experience in planning, sales & implementation of industrial plants
  • Industries: Metalworking industry, building materials & minerals industry, energy & environmental engineering, oil, gas, chemistry, petrochemistry, mining
  • Strategic and operative management of large departments, consortia and project teams
  • Conduct of technical/ commercial negotiations under great physical stress
  • Experience in the distribution of small- to large-scale international industrial plant construction projects
  • Establishing, setup, management of a branch office
  • Crisis management during border dispute between Iraq and Iran



Your benefit:

  • You turn your idea into reality in the fastest and safest way (Reality – Scout)
  • Realistic assessment of technical/ commercial opportunities
  • Investor-oriented overview of Investment opportunities and risks
  • Individually adjusted partnering concept as well as complete and fairly negotiated contracts
  • You benefit from many years of experience & networks as well as from a high level of intercultural competence
  • Project implementation within the framework of professional, legal management competencies , all from one source

Management Development Architects.