Training. An indispensable instrument for HR, management and communication – and yet organizations constantly come to the realization, that the ultimate effect is not satisfying, especially in terms of its sustainability. As enthusiastic trainers with a vast array of experience and a broad spectrum of methods, it has been even more frustrating seemingly not being able to reach the last 20 % of efficiency and constantly having to hear the sentence: „Well, on a long-term basis … it has not made a big change…“.
We are fully convinced that the training effectiveness can be increased and sustained – with Trainalytixx.
Our system provides the trainers as well as the supervising HR professionals with- as we call it- „anchor points“ from the training which help the participant establish a link between his own practice development and the training objectives . These anchor points can be connected with different transfer strategies by the system for the time after training, so that the effort invested is given considerably higher sustainability.

„Impact sustainability for YOUR trainings“

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