BUSINESS MAGIXX – Measuring Culture (MC)

Corporate “culture” is something that everybody believes to know. It is particularly interesting that the majority of several survey respondents described several seemingly divergent corporate cultures– within the same company!
Almost all interviewed managers and specialists had in common THAT their corporate culture presents a specific parameter for leadership behavior, working atmosphere or corporate success.


But which parameter is the right one?
Looking at the company more closely and investigating best cases as well as bad ones, potentials as well as obstacles to development, it is obvious that there is a „dynamic, crucial intersection“ of the intra-company understanding of business culture. This constitutes, actually similar to the constitution of a state– what is possible, what measures will be implemented and how far the management will proceed in their achievement of objectives.
In our approach which has been developed over many years, this powerful aspect which seems so vague and difficult to grasp becomes a management control parameter and an active „asset“ of your company.

„Culture eats strategy for breakfeast.” Peter F. Drucker

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