BUSINESS MAGIXX – Management Gaming (MG)

Management Gaming opens up a new dimension in order to achieve the full development of the executive team’s performance competence – no matter in which behavioral discipline, be it leadership, conflict management, strategy changes or designing new role models for the executive staff Specifically for this purpose, we design a game for you which seems entirely different from your daily work reality and yet captures it accurately In this game, the managers fight for the victory or the best possible realization of the game‘s objectives. They are supervised by well-versed, trained observers communicating permanently with a team of game designers who develop the game in accordance with the increasing specification of the competences required by the entrants, always oriented at the participants‘ verifiable potential.
A considerably higher share of the participants‘ actual individual resources is activated and the management will experience this activation being implemented in reality. The drive to apply the perceived and documented competencies later on- in an actually not so different routine workday- will be more intensive and longer lasting than is the case with any other kind of management development center or -instrument.


Next, we will provide you with a brief overview- for the sake of correct attribution- of a special version of Management Gaming which focuses on the specification of „IntraPreneurship“. This will be developed in close cooperation with our partner SZENARIS.


The fields of application of Management Gaming comprise for instance effective M&A integration, cultural changes due to business succession, strategy changes and performance strategies that have been recognized as feasible, but have persistently not been implemented, as well as quite a few other operational areas.

PDF download – Management-Gaming Intrapreneurship

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