In the field of Business MagiXX, we combine our creativity know-how with psychologically substantiated gaming elements and state-of-the-art analytical methods . This synergy has led us to develop new products of personnel development since the end of 2016 as well as additional elements as an extension to our already existing services.


The „magic“ of Business MagiXX arises from the appreciable individual self-fulfillment and from making full use of job-related opportunities and potentials which the participant will experience while completely immerging into the contexts of our scenarios.

These experiences are guaranteed by a context transfer which is carried out in a methodological way. This enables the participant to temporarily break out of his habitual job-related thought patterns. This way, we generate a diversity of new perspectives on the challenges in your own working environment. Processes, problems and projects are set into a systemic framework and are systematically assessed for their exploitation potential as well as for creative solution approaches by using reflexive analysis methods.

By including the participants‘ emotions, cognition and behavior in a playful way, the ultimate transfer into the real work environment does not only become more sustainable, but also more appreciable. Evaluative supervision of competence development will additionally generate long-term success effects of the newly learnt matters and experiences and hence meet the designated targets of your company.

Management Development Architects.