BUSINESS MAGIXX – Decision Island (DI)

Has it ever ocurred to you in your company that some decisions unnecessarily took so long that it gave you the impression marmots were still hibernating?
It is a saying that ‚Rome wasn’t built in one day‘ and yet experience has taught us that ‚good‘ decisions, i.e. the ones that are adjusted to the needs, will be taken, if experienced, well-prepared and competent decision makers are in action. The main obstacle of time-adequate and resilient decisions are uncertainties- mostly those with a multiplying effect in the factual area and where loss of face must be suspected.
Here starts our approach: We invite managing staff to an „Island Visit“ where we train a method to back up particularly complex decisions with a construction which puts the irreplaceable gut instinct into a well-protected and supporting frame. „Strong“ decisions require excellent preparation, so that, whenever the contextual situation changes, they can be taken rapidly but unerringly. Designing the method will take the proverbial time, in order to generate the participants‘ high competence of taking good and quick decisions.

„The Decision Making Training Game”

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