AA Management Concepts – Topics in consultation and training – exemplary.

AA Management Concepts – Topics in consultation and training – exemplary.

Here we will provide you a with a selection of topics of our work which neither excludes other subjects of our services nor should it be understood as exhaustive. Regardless of which topic you choose, you may expect deep and extensive knowledge, comprehensive methodological expertise and impactful trainers/consultants as well as a dialogue-based approach with focus on the participant as an actor. The consultant or trainer regards himself as a „learning facilitator “. These are subjects that we will gladly analyze and develop for you in addition to the previously mentioned: –

  • Personnel development
  • Organizational development
  • Market- & sales development
  • International project development
  • Strategy implementation and business system development

systemic – inventive – people minded

Management Development Architects.

Training Topics
Management thinking for specialists (engineers, lawyers, scientists i.a.)
Presentation techniques
Moderation techniques
Public speaking
Team work
Team management
Leadership – Self-concept and style
Leadership – Understanding and leading individuals
Managing larger groups of employees
Coaching functions in the context of leadership
Decision- & problem solving techniques
Delegation & feedback management
Conflict & crisis as energy resource
Project management I-V (based on PMI standards)
Program- & portfolio management in project organizations
Negotiation techniques
Cultural competency in the context of leadership and sales
Sales efficiency
Sales management and compliance with set strategies
personal potential identification and -development
From being a manager to being a leader
Resilience, continuous improvement and sustainable motivation
IntraPreneurship as omnifunctional leadership performance
Intercultural leadership
Using HR functions as instrument for target achievement
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„Mind-Set Monopoly“: Impact of board interpretations in the entrepreneurial landscape
Management organization & -culture
Management concepts and -systems
Communication as management configuration
„Employee Mikado“: HR efficiency strategies
Information „politics“ in the context of corporate communication
CHANGE – Magic word or empty formula?
Change management and value creation
Organizational structures between matrix-, project- and agile systems
Culture as key concept for strategy implementation
Stringency in systemic management: Culture, strategy and motivation
Business-adequate perspective design for managers AND specialists
Stakeholder strategies and „Value Marketing“
Efficiency strategies between sales, production, R&D and compliance
transnational strategy implementation
Talent- & potential development systems
Transformational competencies and “Changeability”
Industry 4.0 and implementation of digital perspectives…
…or is 2.0 and strategy stringency good enough…?
The power to knit new tethers from old plaits
Authenticity and value management as performance driver
Confidence as empowerment for top performances
Integration competency as proof of management maturity
IntraPreneurship as a tool for creating perspectives
Internationalization, finalization and alignment of branches
Succession concepts and management consistency
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Executive Coaching Topics
Communication excellence: Public presentation coaching
Crisis seeker: Virtuosity in crisis management as performance source
Potential hunter: Possibilities, perspectives and self-motivation
Team: No matter the size– Leadership and passion
Business unit: Strategy obstacles and implementation dynamics
IntraPreneurship: Range and sensitivities – Self-tuning and „management“ of intrapreneurs
Leadership tuning: Authenticity, charisma and strategy stringency
Stress resilience in multipolar challenging scenarios
Safeguarding the balance – virtuous ways to success
Hegemony without dominance
The addictive nature of power – Maximizing opportunities without „abandoning human virtues“
Delicate Risk Management Compliance/Cyber-Security/
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Technology Project Development Topics
Project partner screening: Value-, priority- and flexibility analysis
Feasibility in the triangle technology / efficiency / market environment
Economic viability including ALL factors
Performance drivers and -inhibitors
Culture – in the context of technical cooperation?
Management approaches as key factors of project implementation
Time management in a transnational project environment
Core-Value diagnosis and specific partner selection
Competitive positioning and Go-to-market strategies
Crisis management during delicate missions abroad
Resolution of conflicts of interest between sales and production/back office/compliance
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