AA Management Concepts – Leadership Competence Model

AA Management Concepts – Leadership Competence Model

We would consider it too voluminous as well as too tiring to give a comprehensive survey of the wide range of topics that we provide advice on and training in. Therefore, we will confine ourselves to two subjects:


Here, we will present our leadership competency model that our work is built on- unless you would like to explain to us your own understanding of leadership, so we can put it into practice in a smart, pragmatic way.


Secondly, for the sake of completeness, we provide you with a list of the routine subjects for which we will be at your service. Neither is this exhaustive nor does it exclude other subjects of our services.


The whole world of management is our world and according to this motto the performance capacity of our network of specialists, that has been acquired over the last 25 years, is designed and operated.

“AA Leadership Competency Model”

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